E-Booking Dj Agency is founded in 2002. It represents and manages professional DJs, producers and musicians. Our main activity is concentrated in development of those artists work on the global music market.

The Agency focuses on the following record labels: Cloning Sound, Stolen Soul Music and Ellectrica Recordings and their main producers. The most prominent names among them you can find in section Main Artist, also on the customized web pages of listed labels.

By other side, E-booking represents a few well-known international DJs exclusively for Bulgaria and the region, as all artists from Stereo Productions (Spain), headed by Chus + Ceballos; the young popular producer from Sincopat  (Valencia – Berlin) –  “AFFKT“, DJ “Marcos Cruz“ from Desertica Records, the talented Colombian: “Febrij“ and “Chase Buch a.k.a. Kielo“ from the British label Kote Records. For more info, please check the section Exclusive DJs.

For Bulgaria there are various Djs, divided in genres, with separate music concepts. They are described in section Local DJs.

E-booking is between the largest and most prosperous booking agencies on the Balkans. In its roster you can find over 30 Bulgarian and almost 20 foreign names.The Agency won the prize Best DJ Agency of Bulgaria for two consecutive years: 2010 and 2011 (www.awards.bg).

Our team owns three Bulgarian record companies: Cloning Sound, Stolen Soul Music and Ellectrica Recordings. We also manage Ellectrica Promotions, Music Shop Ellectrica and since the last 13 years we organize Annual DJ training course in E-booking Studio's.

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