Andrey Exx


Andrey Exx is the best Deep House producer and DJ in Russia, he’s also one Of the Best world ar?st 2014 working in NU DISCO by BEATPORT.

Andrey Exx Known as one of the most revered members of the Russia house scene, Andrey Exx has made it his duty to share deep house beats with a growing global audience! As the best Deep House producer and DJ in Russia, his respect is Burning par?es and CD series has kept listeners on the pulse of the hotest Russia house scene!

Andrey Exx let us know that Deep house music doesn't assault the listener with rapid-fire beats or heavy synth lines. Instead, it displays a laid back groove that usually hovers above 110 beats per minute but never surpasses 125. This house genre doesn't go for flashy melodies or a?en?on-grabbing builds and releases, but rather works to create a sonic environment that encapsulates and relaxes the listener.

Think of deep house as the musical equivalent of a watercolor pain?ng. This means that each of the elements in the track act as brush strokes to build a full sonic picture.

Andrey Exx said the building blocks of deep house music are fairly simple. Some people have called this style 'jazzy house' thanks to the frequent inclusion of jazz samples or the use of seventh and ninth chords, which are typically held over more than one bar in order to provide a landscaping effect. Reverb and echo are liberally applied in order to help flesh out the sound of the track, but never to the point where percussion starts to acquire a booming sound. Filters can also be used to take the edge off some of the cymbals and higher frequencies. One of the final defining features of deep house is the use of a male vocal in a soulful, almost gospel-influenced vein. The lyrics are o?en deeply emo?onal and in tune with the overall vibe of the track.

The down-tempo nature of deep house music means that a wide variety of ar?sts have produced in this style in order to give their albums a wider range.

Andrey Exx achievement includes the following:
  • A Resident of Moscow best a?er party - Pur Pur iBar, the resident of well-known world’s labels Milk & Sugar, Tiger Records, Grate Stuff, Pacha Recordings, Erase Records.
  • Winner of the Delphic Games like a "DJ".
  • Ranked in the top 100 best DJs of Russia version PDJ.
  • In 2014, a remix of Lissat & Voltaxx - Groovjet hit in the first place Beatport Chart (the world's largest online music store) and stayed there 8 weeks! Just hit the top five dance world by themselves best -
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